December 24, 2013 @ 7:24 AM

Today, I feel that it is important for me to write about faith and share a true story about one man's faith and my close mindedness to it.  We have all had situations in our lives that have led us to either have faith in a higher power or spiritual being or to close our minds and walk aimlessly amonst the world just existing.  I am no different but a couple years ago my friend Matt called me and gave me the name of someone he knew that was opening up a holistic store locally and was looking for a massage therapist.  I called the gentleman and we met at the store.  When we met he gave me a tour of the undeveloped site and what he invisioned for each section. As he was talking I was trying to see the same vision and just wasn't open to it.  At the end I asked a few questions about the space but it was the last question i asked confirmed that I was not interested.  I asked him how he was going to fund it financially?   He reached in his jeans pockets and pulled them out and they were empty and said "he was going on faith".  It was at that moment I balked internally and graciously walked away. 

I was going by his store the other day and marveled at how well he is doing and how strong his faith was, amid some other struggles he was facing at the time.  I look back at how unwilling and shallow I was about his faith.  It wasn't until this spring and summer that I was quietly inspired to believe again by a wonderful person who helped me personally, physically and spiritually.  I didn't really realize how little faith I had in myself and how I had blocked out all faith spiritually.  There was no preaching, no judging, no religious afflitiation talks, but a lot of support and two words "Just Pray" when I  would make small talk about problems or frustrations I was going through.  

Since that time I have moved into my own massage office, improved myself physically and lastly have opened my mind to believing in myself and a higher spiritual being.  This Christmas and New Year if you are struggling in life consider changing your believe system about you and your faith and only good things will come.   

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!