Therapeutic Massage
Connecting mind, body and spirit



My approach to massage therapy is to meet the needs of each individual client through mind body and spirit.  The connection to help heal a person from the inside out begins with knowledge of the body and how it connects to your spirit and mind.  Through the use of therapeutic massage I am able to reduce stress, manage pain and bring a sense of well being to each client.

I am a cancer survivor and have found first hand how massage can help with scar tissue release and bring a sense of wholeness back to the client.

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Our Business

Time for Reflection Massage Therapy and Resource Center offers a new beginning to individuals in need of relief from chronic aches and pains, stress and injury to soft tissue and muscles through the healing power of touch and relaxation. Our goal is to help individuals to improve their health through massage and other resources for their overall quality of life. 

Who We Are

Patti McGee, Owner attended Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage and currently operates massage offices in Oneida and Whitesboro New York. Patti is a breast cancer survivor and reaches out to many clients to assist them in healing from within through the healing power of touch. Realizing the benefits of relaxation and therapeutic massage herself, Patti reaches out to her clients to assist them in maximum health and wellness. Patti is a public speaker and enjoys educating the public about massage and it's benefits.

Patti recently published a book titled "Hope An A - Z Guide for Cancer Patients, Survivors and Caregivers."

What We Do

Time for Reflection Massage Therapy and Resource Center offers a wide variety of massage services along with resources to help improve your quality of life.   Through the Resource Center we offer information on:

  • Benefits of massage
  • Disease - cancer, celiac, etc...
  • Health/Nutrition                                                                                           
  • Fitness 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed                                                                           

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