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Good morning Patti. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your posts and all your positive energy!! You're an inspirational person and I appreciate the gift of your friendship. Not sure if you knew, but I had a total hysterectomy 4 weeks ago, and prior to that I lost 20 lbs. since my surgery I've lost 10 more. I'm determined to keep the weight off and in the process get healthy, and hopefully happy. I have an appointment today with a personal trainer and I'm really looking forward to it!! Long story short, YOU have inspired me to live the best life I can and make the best out of whatever is thrown at me. Keep doing what you're doing - I'm sure I'm not the only one who pays attention!! Thanks for being the amazing person you are Patti!! Love you girl!!!

D.C., Oneida NY

 “Patti has hands of an Angel” 

Darcy S.; Canastota, NY

 "I would like to say that Patti is an amazing person, and extraordinary massage therapist. She has transformed my knee, my chin and the horrible pain in my back. I can't thank her enough. I moved recently and she offered to recommend someone she knows in my area, but I would never leave her. Most people go to a massage therapist for relaxation purposes. However, once you experience what Patti can do for you, you will start going just to feel better. We don't realize how badly we abuse our bodies everyday and we need to take more care of them. Thank you so much, Patti, you have made my life so much better. I am blessed to have met such an amazing person! See you soon!"


I would like to start by stating I had a wonderful experience with Patti!  What is amazing about Patti is her honestly and her caring nature.  I  appreciated that Patti was very clear on what she thought she could do for me, what exercises I should do at home, and how many sessions she thought I would need.  Patti would not have hesitated to let me know if we needed a different type of approach or treatment.  It was reassuring to find a businesswoman who cared about her clients first and foremost! 

Michelle, Canastota, NY

I am so happy to have met Patti and have her as my massage therapist! I am a breast cancer survivor and she has helped so much with my scar tissue and the pain. When I started going to her I had no feeling in my fingers, with the help of her massages I know have all feeling back! I would not go anywhere else but to Patti for my massages she is amazing!!! thanks Patti for helping me get back to feeling great!!!

Debbie, Herkimer NY

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